Veronica Cruz-Martinez, Operations

603660_582003138501220_177029810_nIn 2011, Veronica joined the team as an Operations Coordinator, specializing in Front of House. Initially, she envisioned her role as helping to make sure things ran smoothly up front, but she quickly realized that the true mission of any Dinah staff member is to make sure guests have an unforgettable experience, all while being surrounded by thousands of lesbians (her fave part!). Today, Veronica is the General Manager’s right-hand (wo)man who ties up loose ends and ensures all the ladies have a good time. When Veronica is not working Dinah she is a full time MFT/Crisis Counselor in the Bay Area who LOVES the San Francisco Giants and has a twin sister. And the answer to the question everyone asks – YES, her twin is gay too and just as adorable as Veronica!


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