Meet The Team

Alli Urguby, VIP

A San Diego native, Alli Urguby isn’t afraid to step outside of her hometown to travel abroad and traveling through Mexico is a favorite hobby of hers. From the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe to vendors...   Read More »

Fabbiola Cruz, Graphics

Fabbiola is a new addition, joining Team Dinah in 2014, but somehow it feels like she’s been part of it for a lot longer. Five years ago she traded the San Francisco fog for the amazing seasons of NYC, and...   Read More »

Hollie Gleich, DJs & Social Media

Hollie got her start with Club Skirts Dinah Shore in 2011. With a passion for event production, she quickly transitioned to the Dinah production team, working as a talent wrangler for the L Word and Real L...   Read More »

Leilani Reynolds, General Manager

Leilani joined the team in 2006 and 11 years later, she's about to embark on her 12th event and is more excited than ever. When she's not using her organizational wizardry to help throw the best...   Read More »

Lupe Coronado, Dancers

At a very young age, Lupe started her career as a dancer in the entertainment industry.  She worked her way up to becoming a back-up dancer for the acclaimed Celia Cruz, as well as the famed Ricky Martin and...   Read More »

Mona Elyafi, Public Relations

A proud product of the "MTV Generation", Mona is a 40-something year old going on 13, terminally stuck somewhere in the 80s, with high hopes of one day marrying her teen idol, George Michael. An absolute pop...   Read More »

Monica Salamy, Partnerships

As the dedicated Partnership Manager, Monica Salamy has spent the last 6 years behind the scenes ensuring that clients and guests get the most out of their Dinah experience. Yet beyond the walkie-talkie, this...   Read More »

Nathalie Neptune, Operations

Born and raised in NYC to a huge extended family who lives and loves to throw parties and entertain, Nathalie feels she was meant to work in events. When she's not in Palm Springs, she keeps busy working in...   Read More »

Veronica Cruz-Martinez, Operations

In 2011, Veronica joined the team as an Operations Coordinator, specializing in Front of House. Initially, she envisioned her role as helping to make sure things ran smoothly up front, but she quickly realized...   Read More »

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