Jozzy has written music for superstars such as Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Ciara, and Fergie but is now breaking out as a solo artist to bring her true artistic self to the masses. The queer rapper and songwriter penned Billy Rae Cyrus’ verse for the Grammy-nominated hit “Old Town Road” by recently out rapper Lil Nas X. She holds a positive vision for the future of LGBTQ+ artists braving the world we live in, saying “I’m me. I’m not trying to impose my beliefs on you, but you gotta respect my music and respect who I am. And I feel like, once we start doing more of that, we gonna be good.”

As said in a recent feature by Live Nation, “SWSH seems to have no problem in expressing her individuality and courageously using her music as a platform to speak about issues she’s genuinely invested in.” The Dinah embraces and supports expressing oneself sincerely and unapologetically and this is why we resonate so much with the work this valiant artist is producing. This non-binary neo-soul musician and self-proclaimed “big bitch in lipstick and a midriff” speaks out about equality and acceptance through her music and her public interviews, saying in a conversation with TIME Magazine, “People and their sexualities are much more complex than just gay or straight.” This fearless singer creates her work with confidence and originality which is what makes them the perfect artist to showcase at The Dinah’s epic 30th anniversary!