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General Info

  • Must be 21 to attend
  • For Will Call times and door-hours, check the schedule on the website and/or program.  The program is linked to the home page.
  • Dinah passes/badges and wristbands must be worn at all times
  • Wristbands are void if tampered or removed.  No exceptions. Contact us immediately if you broke your wristband.
  • Valid photo ID required at all times
  • No nudity allowed at any events
  • Entertainment Line Up and Performance times subject to change or cancellation without refund (Check Website)
  • Street Parking available for free 24/7 (make sure to check street signs)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is The Dinah? Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – the original Dinah Shore Weekend – is always and only held in Palm Springs, CA.
  • How old do I have to be to attend? 21 and over
  • If my girlfriend is turning 21 at the Dinah, can she come? Yes, but she’ll only be able to get into the parties beginning the day of her birthday.
  • Do you produce other Dinah events? Club Skirts has been producing the world famous Dinah Shore Weekend for 29 years only in Palm Springs. At this time, we don’t have plans to produce any other Dinah events in other locations. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the greatest sign of success. We take it as a compliment that we are always imitated but as the saying goes, and experience has proven, we are never duplicated! If you want the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend experience you’ve been reading and hearing about for almost three decades, you’ll find it here with us, only in Palm Springs.
  • Is the Dinah a golf tournament? The Dinah is not a golf tournament; but it does take place every year at the same time as the LPGA ANA Inspiration golf tournament.
  • Do you sell golf tickets? If you wish to purchase golf tournament tickets, please visit the LPGA ANA Inspiration official website.
  • Can I go to the Dinah alone? How easy is it to meet people? Yes! Many women come by themselves and end up leaving having made lots of new friends and some have even found their dream girl.
  • What’s the age average? Can my mom come too? The Dinah is attended by women of all ages. There’s something to do for everyone.   Bring your Mom, your sister, your best friend.
  • Can my guy friends attend with me? Yes, we don’t exclude guys … as long as they behave!
  • Are transgender folks welcome to attend? Absolutely!
  • Do you allow dogs? We do not allow dogs at our events, but the hotels we offer may allow dogs in the rooms. We suggest you contact them directly. See our website for a list of official hotels.
  • Can I bring my kid & my nanny? You can, but they cannot be allowed into any events, including the pool parties. But if you wanted to book a hotel room for them, that would be fine. There are so many things to do in the Palm Springs area for children of all ages. Check with your hotel concierge for more information.
  • Do you sell out? We sell out of some events. To avoid that, and to save a lot of money, purchase your tickets now by visiting our ticket link! Tickets are always less expensive in advance. Waiting until the event to purchase, does not guarantee admittance but it does guarantee you will pay the highest price. We do make announcements when we are close to a sell out, so join our fan page on Facebook and newsletter to be the first to know!
  • Are there a lot of international women attending? Women from all over the world come to The Dinah. There’s always an opportunity to practice what you learned in that French or Russian class you took; or better yet, pick any foreign language and start learning now. The Dinah is international, indeed!
  • Where can I look for updates and information about the Dinah? You can stay connected with us by checking our website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Preparing for the Dinah

  • What do I pack? This is your vacation so really whatever you want! Think summer & party clothes – flip flops, sunscreen, tank tops, shorts, some great heels or boots … and never forget your accessories!
  • What’s the weather like? How hot is it? Palm Springs has your typical desert temperatures – hot during the day and slightly cooler in the evening.  temps this year are in the high 80’s.
  • What is the clothing attire for the night parties? You can go casual, nice, or as far as dress to impress.
  • Do I have to wear white or black to The Black and White Ball and what do I wear to the Hollywood Party? You don’t have to wear our suggested attire but when you do, it creates a visual extravaganza.  Hollywood attire is colorful with an attitude,  Think black with a touch of red or gold. Dressing for the theme is always fun but we value individuality over all else so come as you are and however you feel awesome!
  • Do I have to wear a bathing suit to the pool party? You can wear whatever you want. There’s no fashion no-no as long as you don’t go topless.
  • Should I come Thursday through Saturday or Friday through Sunday? We always recommend you stay all four days and really, even Wednesday. If you leave out Thursday, you miss the opening party and if you leave Sunday, you miss the pool party and closing party. It’s a tough call, so stay all four nights and you’ll probably be glad you did.
  • Is there a pool party on Thursday? There’s no official pool party on Thursday but the crowd is already there!
  • Do you offer activities for singles? Wednesday we host a pre-party designed for singles and out of towners; but the rest of the week we do not. The Dinah is a huge single fest and it’s also a huge married couple fest.  It simply an awesome festival where all are welcome.
  • Who is performing and when? We typically do not announce our entertainment until January. All performances are mentioned in our official program which you can download off our homepage on this site. You can also check the website as well as our Facebook for daily updates and reminders about our schedule.
  • Do I have to participate in every event at The Dinah? No one will ever force you to do anything you don’t want to do. At The Dinah you’re free to do whatever you want. However, we highly recommend you do not miss a thing!
  • Can I bring a professional Camera to take photos and/or film? Only if you have an official press pass.  Professional cameras without official Dinah accreditation are not allowed.  If you want to bring a professional camera you contact by March 15th.

Travel Accommodations


  • Where do I stay? We recommend staying at any of the official hotels listed on our website. It’s the only way we can guarantee you’ll have an excellent experience because you’ll be staying at a hotel that appreciates our group and business. That said, if you want to be in the heart of the action, stay at a main hotel that is hosting pool parties. If you want a somewhat quieter experience, stay at one of our overflow hotels. All of our hotels sell out, so please book early. However, there are penalties for cancelling once you book, so please only book if you are sure you are going.
  • How early can I book my trip & reserve my hotel room? Booking typically starts in July, but sometimes earlier. Check our website for updates.
  • Do you provide room shares? How would I connect with other Dinah attendees ahead of time to work out a roommate arrangement? We do not, but you can post a message on our Facebook page if you are looking and we will allow the post to remain up.
  • Are there group discounts? Yes, we offer discounts to groups of 10 or more. Please contact us directly.
  • If I have a special Hilton Honors rate, does it apply? Special Hilton Honors rates do not apply during The Dinah
  • Do you give travel agents commission? We do not offer commission for any booking.
  • If all the hotels are sold out, what do I do? We are constantly monitoring the hotel situation and add new hotels when needed so please check our website often. You can also call each hotel we have listed as availability changes day to day.

Flights and Transportation

  • How do I get to The Dinah? Palm Springs airport (PSP) is the most convenient to fly into, but it is also the most pricey. The next closest airport is Ontario, which is about 70 minutes away from downtown Palm Springs. After that, you have Long Beach and John Wayne airports, at about 90 minutes away. Palm Springs is located about 1.5 – 2 hours from Los Angeles (LAX), which has the best airfares. If you fly into LAX, you can rent a car of take a bus to Palm Springs. It’s best to use our rental car sponsor, Enterprise, as they will match or beat any rate. Of course there’s always the option of car-pooling if you have friends heading to the Dinah too.
  • Do you pick up at the airport? We do not offer airport transfers unless you are in our VIP program;  however if you are staying at a host hotel, call them when you arrive and they should pick you up.
  • Are there shuttles services? Shuttle services may be available through your hotel. Please check with them directly.
  • Do you supply airline tickets? We do not offer packages that include airfare. However, we work exclusively with Orbitz to ensure you get the best rate on your Dinah airfare. Dinah Orbitz link
  • Where do I park if I am not staying at the host hotel? There’s plenty of street parking around the hotels where our pool parties take place. Make sure to always read the street signs to avoid a ticket or getting towed.

Palm Springs

  • What else can I do in Palm Springs while attending the Dinah? Palm Springs offers a variety of amazing activities to do. We recommend you visit the Visit Gay Palm Springs website for a list of places to visit and things to do around the city.
  • Are there restaurants nearby? Our host hotels, are located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs where you’ll find a variety of restaurants, all within walking distance. Also, the food at the Hilton and Hard Rock is pretty darn good!

Event Tickets / Packages / Wristbands

  • When should I buy tickets? Ticket/Pass prices are lowest when you purchase early. Prices gradually goes up as we get closer to the event, so we recommend you purchase as early as possible. If you wait and purchase at the event, you’ll pay full price. Tickets are non-refundable, though so please only order when you are sure you are attending.
  • Do you take credit cards? Yes, but only for advance purchases. We do not accept cards at the event but this could change, so check back with us closer to the event for potential changes.
  • What kind of package deal can I purchase? What does it give me have access to? You can purchase our VIP Package. Please see details on the website.
  • Upon arrival where do I pick up my pass and check in? You can retrieve your Dinah pass/wristband at Will Call. Locations and hours will be posted online prior to the event and emailed to all guests who have purchased passes/tickets. You MUST present the Eventbrite confirmation with barcode to retrieve your wristband.
  • I purchased tickets/passes through the Dinah website, will I get an email confirmation? Yes, you will immediately receive an email. If you didn’t, it’s likely your order did not go through, so please contact us.
  • Do I need a copy of my email confirmation to pick up my tickets/passes? Yes, you will need to present it at will call to retrieve your wristband.
  • Are food & drinks included in these packages? Food and drinks are not included in any Dinah packages. However, food and drinks will be available onsite for purchase.
  • My friend decided to come at the last minute; can she purchase tickets at the door? Yes, your friend can buy tickets at the door. There is a cashier available for ticket sales at every event.
  • I purchased in advance, but now I have an emergency and can’t go. Can I get a refund? If not, can I transfer my ticket to a friend? Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • Can I slide off my wristband and give it to a friend? If your wristband appears to be loose enough to slide off of your wrist, or if the ends are not the same size and it appears you have tampered with the bracelet in any way, you will not be allowed access to any Dinah event and will have to repurchase a wristband to gain entry.
  • Will I be able to leave and return to the event? Some events have no re-admittance so to be safe, plan on no ins and outs.
  • If I accidentally damage my wristband, can I get a new one? Contact a manager at any will call or ticket sales outlet on site immediately. No wristbands are replaced if lost or stolen.

During the Dinah

  • Do I need to show my ID to get into each event (pool parties/Night parties)? Yes, a valid photo ID has to be presented at each event.
  • Is there a Lost & Found? Yes, each venue has a lost and found. If the event took place at a hotel, lost items can be retrieved at the front desk of the hotel. If you lost something at The Hilton Hotel,  Village Pub or the Palm Convention Center, please contact them directly.
  • Is smoking allowed? Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Check for signs.
  • Where can I find an ATM machine to withdraw some cash? We list all ATM locations in our digital program book that you can download from out home page on this site.
  • Can I pass out flyers inside/outside the event? Any promotional material has to be approved prior to the event and is never passed out. This is strictly enforced, so please make sure you contact us ahead of time for clearance to have materials at the event.  If you pass out fliers without permission you will be removed from the event without refund.
  • Can I bring food and drinks inside the event? You may not being any drinks or food into the event.  Your backpacks and other carryons will be inspected by the hotel security. All venues sell both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks at every event. You can also order food at our pool events.
  • Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks? Sorry, but current ABC laws, as well as our venues, prohibit bringing in any alcohol other than what is purchased at each individual event.
  • Are there accessible power plugs to recharge computers and cell phones? Yes, power plugs are available in the lobby of the Hilton hotel on a space available basis.
  • Are the cabanas and Daybeds at the pool accessible on a first come first serve basis, or do you have to reserve them? Cabanas have to be reserved ahead of time. You can purchase them online on The Dinah’s website.
  • I want to buy a Dinah hat or t-shirt to show everyone I was here! Where do you sell it? There’s a Dinah booth at every pool party where you can find all kinds of Dinah stuff and indulge in a shopping spree!

Stay Connected at The Dinah

  • While at The Dinah, how do I find out about the activities for the day? We provide a detailed digital program that outlines all the events, locations, times and prices.
  • Where can I find the photos taken by the Dinah photographers after the event? All pictures will be posted on our website, Instagram and Facebook page.


  • Are The Dinah and its host hotels ADA compliant? Most are, but please check directly with each of our venues as availability is on an individual basis.
  • Will there be ADA parking available? Yes, there is ADA parking availability at every venue of The Dinah. However, we cannot guarantee its availability since all parking is limited.
  • Will there be wheelchair accessible bathrooms? Most public restrooms at our host hotel, sanctioned hotels, and event venues provide wheelchair accessibility. Please check directly with each venue for confirmation.
  • Does the comedy show provide a sign language interpreter? Yes it does.

Be Part of The Dinah Team

  • How do I join the Dinah team? We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people like you to join our team! Learn how to join Team Dinah here.
  • I want to sell my goods at The Dinah! How do I become a vendor? All vendors must be approved. The first step in the process is to complete this Dinah Vendor Application and email it to Once approved, you will be sent instructions outlining how to make payment for the vendor spot.

Anything we missed? Fill out the contact form under Contact Us and let us know

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